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    2. Specializing in laser, CNC equipment solutions
      Main:Laser cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine, CNC engraving machines, laser marking machines, CNC plasma cutting machine

      CNC cutting RESOLUTION
      CM-F3015Fiber laser cutting machine
      • Field:

        Advertising decoration, kitchen utensils, engineering machinery, steel and other industries.
      • Material:

        For cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, plate and other sheet metal of various alloys fast cutting.
      • Features:

        High performance: fiber optic transmission, realized at any point can be other quality cutting. High efficiency cutting speed, which is about 2 times that of CO2 laser cutting speed. The use of low cost.
      CM-L1325HMixed metal and nonmetal cutting machine
      • Field:

        Advertising industry (stainless steel and acrylic), sheet metal cutting industries
      • Material:

        Acrylic, stainless steel, carbon steel, MDF, templates.
      • Features:

        Mixing cutting capacity of the machine: for stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic, and wood can be cut.
      CM-L1390Laser cutting machine
      • Field:

        Rubber, plastic, cloth, leather, wool, crystal cutting.
      • Material:

        Applied to clothing, leather, cloth toys, handicrafts, wood products, and other industries.
      • Features:

        China's first use of USB port data interface, hot swappable, data transmission to fulfill the task, do not take up computer resources, greatly improve user productivity.
      CM-CSeries advertising / Carpenter / metal / stone CNC engraving machine
      • Field:

        Advertising industry, furniture industry, stone products, metal products and other carvings.
      • Material:

        Acrylic, wood, artificial board, plastic, stone, metal, etc.
      • Features:

        Imported linear square rails, double four ball slider, loading capacity, smooth operation, high precision, long life.



      Company Profile

      Shanghai Chuang Ming Laser Equipment Factory is a professional engaged in laser technology research, CNC cutting and engraving equipment production of high-tech enterprises. The factory was established in 2006, it has a modern production and testing equipment, and has accumulated many years of experience in manufacturing laser cutting and CNC engraving machinery, stable product quality, excellent quality, highly cost-effective, well received by customers at home and abroad . Factory has a high level technical team, gather a large number of laser, machinery, electronics, automation, CNC and other professional elite talent, with the product development and innovation, is committed to providing customers with quality CNC cutting, carving and drilling and milling programs . The companys main products are laser cutting machine, CNC engraving machine, large-scale drilling and milling machine (heavy industry), wood molding machines, engraving and milling machines, plasma cutting machine, laser marking machine and small CNC engraving machine and other mechanical equipment. With advanced production technology and years of innovation efforts, we have greatly improved the design and production equipment to ensure that products are more reliable, more accurate, more durable and achieve a high level of low energy requirements.
      switchboard:021-61558010 fax:021-59556319 QQ:1158518808 Sales calls:021-61558300
      Micro-channel public number:shcmlaser-cnc fax:021-59556319 Company email:sales@shcmlaser.com
      All rights reserved:Shang Hai Chuang Ming Laser equipment plant Technical Support:Yong Yan Technology
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