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    About us
    About us
    Intelligent control center integration supplier

    Beijing Lianzhong is a professional supplier dedicated to customized console, slotted centralized control warehouse and control center system integration. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R &amp; D, design, production, sales and service. Based on the personalized needs of customers, it provides customized control center products and overall solutions. It has successively cooperated with energy, transportation, communication, power grid, public security, government agencies, national defense and military And other industries, and has successfully implemented more than 3000 large-scale comprehensive projects. It is the mainstream supplier of console equipment in China.

    Founded in 2011, Beijing Lianzhong has two factories and one operation center. It has two production and manufacturing bases in the north and south, forming a north-south horn strategic layout to solve the problems of inaccurate time, inconvenient space, large temperature and humidity differences caused by the differences between the South and the north. At the same time, it solves the problems of customer visit, communication, installation and maintenance nearby, and shortens the time of product delivery and service on the premise of ensuring qualified quality.

    Over the past decade, Beijing Lianzhong has independently developed and designed 10 series, more than 20 models of consoles and trough centralized control warehouse equipment, applied for more than 20 national patent technology intellectual property rights, passed ISO9001 international quality system and national high-tech enterprise certification, showing modular rapid development.

    Strategic layout